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#  LocationSchoolActivities
1  Calgary, ABCalgary Systema RMA Systema (RMA), RMA
2  Abbotsford, BCSystema Academy BC Systema RMA
3  Denman Island, BCPacific Coast Systema – Roots Dojo Systema (RMA)
4  Victoria, BCMerge Combat and Fitness Systema (RMA)
5  Aurora, ONThe Systema Twins Systema (RMA)
6  Concord, ONChallenge Sports Club Judo, Sambo
7  Concord, ONVictory Judo Club Judo, SAMBO (RMA)
8  East York, ONFight Club Systema (RMA), RMA
9  Georgetown, ONGeorgetown Systema Systema (RMA)
10  Kingston, ONSystema Kingston Systema (RMA), Brazilian Jiu jitsu
11  London, ONForest City Combat Systema/Beecroft Martial Arts Academy Systema (RMA), RMA
12  Ottawa, ONOttawa Systema Systema (RMA)
13  Ottawa, ONTina Takahashi Martial Arts & Fitness Judo, SAMBO (RMA), Muay Thai
14  Richmond Hill, ONTsunami Club Karate, Sambo
15  Thornhill, ONSystema HQ Systema (RMA), SAMBO (RMA), RMA
16  Toronto, ONOlympic Judo Centre Judo, Sambo
17  Toronto, ONSystema Downtown Systema (RMA)
18  Toronto, ONSystema GTA Systema (RMA)
19  Vaughan, ONCombat Academy Toronto Combat Sambo (RMA), Knife, Firearms, RMA
20  Windsor, ONSystema Windsor Systema (RMA)
21  Côte Saint-Luc, QCSAMBO Montreal SAMBO (RMA)
22  Montreal, QCClub Kozak Combat Sambo (RMA), Submission Wrestling, Kickboxing
23  Montreal, QCMontreal Systema Systema (RMA), RMA
24  Saskatoon, SKOkami Martial Arts Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, Sambo

You searched for martial art "RMA" in province or state for "" and found 24 matching results.

You searched for martial art "RMA", in province or state for "", and found 69 matching results.

#  CitySchoolActivities
1  Flagstaff, AZIntuitive Fighting System Systema (RMA)
2  Phoenix, AZCombative Resolutions Systema (RMA), Bando
3  Scottsdale, AZScottsdale Systema Systema (RMA)
4  Tempe, AZSystema Chandler / Tempe Systema (RMA)
5  Tuscon, AZSystema Tucson Systema (RMA)
6  Beverly Hills, CADynamo Sports Club SAMBO (RMA), Judo, Karate
7  Beverly Hills, CAThe Academy Beverly Hills Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Systema (RMA), Taekwondo
8  El Sobrante, CANorcal Systema Systema (RMA)
9  Los Angeles, CASystema Los Angeles Systema (RMA)
10  Monterey, CAMonterey Systema Systema (RMA)
11  Redwood City, CASystema San Francisco/NorCal Self Defense Systema RMA
12  Sacramento, CANorcal Systema Systema (RMA)
13  San Diego, CASan Diego Systema Systema (RMA)
14  San Diego, CASystema California Systema (RMA)
15  Santa Cruz, CASystema Santa Cruz Systema (RMA)
16  Colorado Springs, COSystema Colorado Springs Systema RMA
17  Longmont, COSystema Colorado Systema (RMA)
18  Wilmington, DEAmerican Karate Studios - Wilmington Karate, Systema (RMA)
19  Wilmington, DEDelaware Systema Systema RMA
20  Jupiter, FLPramek Florida Pramek
21  Panama City Beach, FLCummings Combat Sambo Combat Sambo RMA, Muay Thai
22  Buffalo Grove, ILMidwest Sambo National Training Center SAMBO (RMA)
23  Chicago, ILSystema Russian Martial Art Chicago Systema (RMA)
24  Joliet, ILSuda International Training Center Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Sambo, Karate, MMA, Muay thai, wrestling, Jujutsu
25  Fort Wayne, INThree Rivers Systema Systema (RMA)
26  Louisville, KYSystema Louisville Systema RMA
27  Boston, MAMass Bay Systema Systema (RMA), Kung fu
28  Woburn, MASambo 7 SAMBO, RMA
29  Hagerstown, MDWestern Maryland Systema Systema (RMA), RMA
30  Takoma Park, MDDC Systema Systema RMA
31  Bangor, MESystema of Maine Systema (RMA)
32  Holland, MIFreestyle Krav Maga SAMBO (RMA)
33  Southfield, MIDetroit Combat Sambo Combat Sambo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ)
34  Isanti, MNWarrior's Forge Martial Arts and Fitness Academy Systema (RMA), Taekwondo
35  Savage, MNAmerican Top Team SAMBO (RMA), Muay Thai
36  Overland, MOWhite Dragon Judo Judo, Sumo, Sambo
37  St. Louis, MOSystema St. Louis Systema (RMA), Krav Maga
38  Charlotte, NCHatcher Systema Systema RMA
39  Santa Fe, NMSystema New Mexico Systema (RMA)
40  Reno, NVBattlehorn Systema Systema (RMA)
41  Amityville, NYSystema Long Island Systema (RMA)
42  Brooklyn, NYAmerican Amateur Sambo Federation SAMBO (RMA)
43  Buffalo, NYBuffalo United Martial Arts Academy SAMBO (RMA), Muay Thai
44  New York, NYNew York Combat Sambo SAMBO (RMA), Sambo
45  New York, NYSystema New York City Systema RMA
46  Tonawanda, NYWestern New York Systema Systema (RMA)
47  Utica, NYStraight Circle Martial Arts Systema (RMA), Karate, Aiki-jutsu
48  Oklahoma City, OKSystema Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Systema (RMA)
49  Oklahoma City, OKWestern Avenue Boxing and Systema Gym Boxing, Systema (RMA)
50  Tulsa, OKNuBody Fitness and Martial Arts Systema (RMA)
51  Coquille, OREvolution Martial Arts Systema (RMA)
52  Portland, ORSystema Portland Systema (RMA)
53  Langhorne, PAMPR Endurance MMA Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), SAMBO, Muay thai, Boxing
54  Greenvville, SCSystema Greenville Systema (RMA)
55  Mt. Pleasant, SCSystema Charleston/Mount Pleasant Martial Arts Systema (RMA)
56  Austin, TXAustin Combatives Systema (RMA), FMA
57  Austin, TXAustin Systema and Tai Chi Chuan Systema (RMA), Tai Chi, CMA
58  Fort Worth, TXFort Worth Systema Systema (RMA)
59  Irving, TXBigDSystema, Inc. Systema (RMA)
60  Irving, TXThe Academy Beverly Hills -- Dallas Systema (RMA), Taekwondo
61  San Antonio, TXSystema San Antonio Systema (RMA)
62  Park City, UTSystema Utah Systema (RMA)
63  Newport News, VATidewater Systema Penninsula Systema (RMA)
64  Richmond, VARussian Martial Art - Richmond Systema (RMA)
65  Vinton, VAGrappling Sports / Modern Gladiator SAMBO (RMA), Kickboxing
66  Virginia Beach, VATidewater Systema Southside Systema (RMA)
67  Post Mills, VTUpper Valley Systema Systema (RMA)
68  Kent, WALion’s Way Martial Arts SAMBO (RMA), Sambo
69  Seattle, WASystema Seattle Systema (RMA)

RMA videos

Links to videos are to show aspects of the arts and sports. They are not intended to be a fully-representative sampling of techniques, teaching methods or approaches to combat.
Video titleDurationNotes
Sambo techniques01:04
World Sambo Championship \ Minsk 201205:59Combat SAMBO
Systema Master Class 2011 - Martin Wheeler06:12 
IZVOR Systema, Michael Grudev14:47 
Defend and Attack With Elbows07:10Vasiliev
Kevin Secours05:35Kevin Secours
Systema Korea07:37(music)
Ground Movement: The Gear1:33:00 
Knife defense, stances & footwork7:36Paul Genge
Knife Defense on the Move2:26Vladimir Vasiliev
Against the blade. Train to prevail.3:49Vladimir Vasiliev

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  1. Seminar in Victoria with Yuri Minski
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  7. Seminar Sergey Ozereliev in Nantes
  8. Asymmetric Response by Ryo Onishi
  9. 3rd EAST COAST Systema Combat Summit Hosted By Andrey Patenko
  10. Power and Freedom with Kwan Lee in Sicily
  11. Systema Outdoors Mini Camp with Adam and Brendon Zettler
  12. Sergey Makarenko - The Mountain Comes South
  13. Striking Distance with Kwan Lee in San Antonio, TX
  14. Immersion 2018 - The Slavic Tradition for the 21st century
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