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#  Dojo or OrganizationCityActivities
1  Griffins Boxing & FitnessNorth Vancouver, BCBoxing
2  North Shore TaekwondoNorth Vancouver, BCTaekwondo, BJJ
3  Hinode Shotokan Karate ClubNorth Vancouver, BCKarate
4  Renfrew DojoVancouver, BCKendo
5  SUNRISE Kendo ClubVancouver, BCKendo
6  Axe Capoeira VancouverVancouver, BCCapoeira
7  Vancouver AikikaiVancouver, BCAikido
8  Kee’s TaekwondoVancouver, BCTaekwondo
9  Ken Wa KaiVancouver, BCIaido
10  FKP MMAVancouver, BCKickboxing, Pankration, wrestling, MMA
11  Hoshu Vancouver DojoVancouver, BCKendo, Jodo
12  Dragon Temple Martial ArtsVancouver, BCTaekwondo, Hapkido, Judo
13  Langara Shotokan Karate ClubVancouver, BCKarate
14  Eastside Boxing ClubVancouver, BCBoxing
15  School of Kyokushin KarateVancouver, BCKarate
16  Vancouver Kyokushin KarateVancouver, BCKyokushin Karate
17  English Bay AikikaiVancouver, BCAikido
18  Sugarrays Boxing FitnessVancouver, BCBoxing
19  Hayabusa Karate ClubVancouver, BCKarate
20  Youshinkan DojoVancouver, BCKendo, Iaido
21  Canada Shoseikan - VancouverVancouver, BCKarate
22  Vancouver West AikikaiVancouver, BCAikido
23  Judo BCVancouver, BCJudo
24  UBC Shito - Ryu Seikokai Karate ClubVancouver, BCKarate
25  U.B.C. Kendo ClubVancouver, BCKendo
26  Vancouver Shotokan – West VancouverWest Vancouver, BCKarate

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