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#  Dojo or OrganizationCityPostal Code Activities
1  Magwood's Martial ArtsMadoc, ONK0K 2K0 Kung fu, Tai Chi, Jujutsu/Jiu-jitsu
2  Classical Martial Arts CentreOakville, ONL6J 1N8 Karate, Kobudo, Tai chi
3  Aikido Jiseikan OttawaOttawa, ONK1G 0Y9 Aikido, Tai Chi, Judo
4  Taijiquan CenterOttawa, ONK1N 8Z6 Tai Chi (Taiji, Taijiquan)
5  Soengkono Tae Kwon-DoThunder Bay, ONP7C 1A9 Tae kwon do, Aikido, Tai chi, Silat
6  Bell's Martial ArtsToronto, ONM4C 1K4 Goju ryu karate, Kobudo, tai chi
7  Centerline Martial Arts SystemsToronto, ONM4J 1N4 Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Knife, Wushu, Qi Gong
8  Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, TorontoToronto, ONM4M 2S1 Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan
9  Classical Martial Arts Centre - Hasu DojoToronto, ONM4T 1Y9 Karate, Kobudo, Kali, tai chi chuan, Ba Gwa Chang, Chi Gung, yoga, CMA
10  Classical Martial Arts Centre - Enzan DojoToronto, ONM5R 3G5 Karate, Tai Chi
11  York Academy of Martial Arts, TorontoToronto, ONM6E 3R3 Karate, Tai Chi, Yoga, Goju Ryu karate

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