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#  Dojo or OrganizationCityPostal Code Activities
1  San Francisco Bay Area Tomiki AikidoBerkeley, CA94709 Aikido
2  Ten Shin Aikido DojoChico, CA95973 Aikido
3  Aikido of FresnoFresno, CA93722 Aikido
4  Full Circle AikidoGrover Beach, CA93433 Aikido
5  Aikido Kenkyukai HollywoodLos Angeles, CA90004 Aikido
6  Aikido Center of Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA90012 Aikido
7  The DojoLos Angeles, CA90025 Aikido, Ryu Te, Iaido
8  Aikido Los Angeles AikikaiLos Angeles, CA90034 Aikido
9  Los Angeles White Tiger Martial ArtsLos Angeles, CA90036 Taekwondo, Aikido
10  Southland AikidoMonterey Park, CA91754 Aikido
11  Aikido Victory Dojo SeidokanReseda, CA91335 Aikido
12  Aikido of RiversideRiverside, CA92503 Aikido, Jodo
13  Aikido New SchoolSanta Rosa, CA95403 Aikido
14  New School Aikido Santa RosaSanta Rosa, CA95403 Aikido
15  Budo Yoseikan, North American Hombu DojoTorrance, CA90505 Yoseikan Budo, Aikido, Judo

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