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Takahashi Dojo Ecole d'Arts MartiauxOttawajudo, kendo, MMA, Aikido Iaido, Karate

5 Melrose Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 1T8

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Martial arts & activities: judo, kendo, MMA, Aikido Iaido, Karate


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Telephone: 613-725-3451

Kids classes!

Weapons: Yes, in some arts

Competition: Yes

Affiliated with Judo Ontario

"The Takahashi Dojo has been sharing martial arts with Ottawa for over 40 years. In those years, countless Judoka have taken falls on its tatami's including 4 Olympians, 18 National Champions, 5 Judo Hall of Famers, 1 Prime Minister and seven children from 2 prime ministers. The goal of the dojo is the same as your own. If you are looking for a vigorous workout, we offer several different martial arts and fitness classes. If you wish to become competitive, we have several classes which focus on conditioning and competition strategy. If you want to focus on the mechanics of an art or the various arranged forms, several of the arts offer teaching in kata (pre-arranged pattern of movement)."

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